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Olhar Lunar a dit…

Your work is relly personal. I always stay a while, regarding, tasting. Great.

Elisabethbaysset a dit…

Belle lumière !


by land by air by sea a dit…


and very you.

illuminating the world

in your own way...

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Dear Olhar
Thank you for following my states of mind, i really really appreciate.
Chère Elisabeth
Je ne ferai pas de commentaire sur la lumière parce que sans elle, la photographie est autre chose.
J'apprécie, j'aime et j'admire ce dont vous êtes capable de faire avec. Je vous renvoi ce compliment, donc !
Dear Beth
I'm glad to read you and have the feeling that you know a lot about darkness and illumination.
If only i could bring my small part of light...
What you do is essential, and in english, i don't have enough words to thank you so Merci infiniment !!