Let me present you my favorite pianist. He 's not Gould or Richter, he is my brother.
When we were teenagers, he woke us up some summer days with this music.
For the ones who know what this feeling means...

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kristina - no penny for them a dit…

pretty amazing how you staged his hand.

kristina - no penny for them a dit…

p.s.: bach's goldberg variations are among the most beautiful pieces of music for me. and i love that particular video so much - have been watching it many times in the past. wonderful!

to wake up to this must be beyond words.

Elisabethbaysset a dit…

Très touchée de la force de ce Portrait de votre frère ,
aussi avec cette musique là , sa main semble chanter.


Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

You are right ! That's beyond words.
Ps: He staged his hand...not me...

On ne photographie ou peint ou...que ce que l'on connaît bien, n'est ce pas ?
(Là, il jouait du piano sur son épaule !)
Et pour ajouter une corde à son arc, il a un sacré coup de crayon !


Le talent coule dans les veines de cette famille. C'est tendre, fraternel et touchant.

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Tendre, fraternel et touchant comme votre commentaire cher Ami Confrère !!

by land by air by sea a dit…


for those of us who grew up with music in our homes

there is a tenderness

a refrain

that echoes

over and over
in our life.

we don't know it when it happening...
only later

this post, i love.


Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Thank you Beth for this Echo, so you know what it means...
of course.

ER a dit…

i know what this feeling means... in my family, it was my dad and i who woke everyone up with our music. I can't hear or play a note on the piano now without thinking of him. He was my favourite pianist.

This is a portrait of the artist by an artist, soul to soul.


Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Thank you very much Lizzy. So, welcome on board !!