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Bruce Barone a dit…

A solitary bird can be quite beautiful. The photo calls to mind the ink drawings and poems by Chinese poets/artists.

A beautiful work: http://www.selfdiscoveryportal.com/cmHuangPo.htm

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Dear Bruce
Thank you very much for the link and the ink...

I have an idea...
Would you cook this bird with a chinese sauce, for me ?


Bruce Barone a dit…

Yes, I would.

I have cooked Chinese food often. I have two good Chinese Cookbooks in my collection: The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook and Chinese Cuisine by Huang Su Huei.

Yet, for all the recipes I have posted online, very few have been Chinese; I don;t know why.

Just an interesting FYI: When I turned 30, which was many many years ago, I cooked a BIG Chinese dinner for 12 friends.

It included: Basic Cold Bean Curd; Asparagus Salad; Red-Simmered Chicken Wings; Soy Eggs; Szechuan Gherkin Slices; Marinated Mushrooms; Spicy Bean Sprouts with Cucumber Slices; Pork and Cucumber Soup; Pork Slices with Chopped Garlic; Fresh Scallop Slices with Oyster Sauce; Spinach and Peanuts; Simmered Stuffed Green Peppers; and Almond Cookies.

And...I must have been CRAZY!!!

Meanwhile, enjoy these 2 links: