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Carter Nicholas a dit…

Recalls Robert Capa in Spain; I know that image has been much controverted and queried, but it will surely last for those who are living now. The same is true of this photograph.

I presume that your stance of acceptance (which I am still studying) of things, and respecting them for what they are, is not strained by this photograph, which is essentially a portrait. At a minimum, however, the outsider is greatly moved by two of its features: the vitality of the predator and the amazingly adroit exploitation of the available geometry in the frame.

Allow me to justify the 2nd impression. What could well be, in highest likelihood, a branch, gives the appearance in this cropping of a pediment in a classical, possibly authoritative if not governing human structure. That ambiguity is something one could spend a lifetime trying to elicit from words, much less from the juxtaposition of forms.

This is one of the most acute exercises of observation I have witnessed. That said, it is undeniably a magnificent picture.

versus a dit…

Graphiquement superbe, l' efficacité d' un tableau dans le presque rien qui dit tout, contraste, mobilité et quelque chose de zen à la fois...

Elisabethbaysset a dit…


Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Dear Carter
I find your analysis very interesting (I love it) and understand your meaning about Robert Capa (Even if I can't be compared to this Superstar !). He said one day : "The pictures are there, and you just take them".
May I leave your comment in suspension ?
Thank you very much !!

Versus et Elisabeth
Je vous remercie du fond du coeur !