Dear correspondents
I'm at home now, and all your messages grounds me ! (I learnt these words from You).
As you can see this is not an image of Milan, because here, time has is own order, and yesterday will be for tomorow, who knows...
And if I leave drawings or photographs, it's because you inspire me.
 This journey was intended to present the fruit of 6 working months.
A very very exciting moment.
So I want to thank you : Terresa, Elisabeth, Beth, Modelle, Versus (Jean-Marie je présume...), Laurent, Anne, Kristina and the lasts who will keep the door open (as always !)

"I know you are here, because I feel"
(Der Himmel über Berlin).

Home now !!                            :-)

2 commentaires:

Laurent a dit…

I'm happy for you to be returned to your home. Soon enough we will love to concentrate on your images again, for a comparable effect.

Terresa a dit…

The culmination of six month? Sounds fruitful! Glad you're home again (and thanks for thinking of me).