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erin a dit…

i've been spending time enjoying your photography. so wonderful. so much space and yet so much meaning. greatly appreciated.


versus a dit…

Le ciel fait la courte échelle à la terre !
Excellente journée.

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier a dit…


Olga a dit…

Why do stairways always lead to the sky? Even if they're in some damp cellar. Thank you for the beautiful photo.

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Dear Erin
Welcome !
A comment greatly appreciated too !

Cher Jean-Marie
J'aime beaucoup cette histoire de courte échelle, je deviens tout petit !
Bonne soirée à toi et merci beaucoup.
Je dois passer à la librairie demain... ;-)
A bientôt

Dear Laura
Moss, wood, brambles, all these things are real for me and magic too.

Dear Olga
That is the question !
You are welcome.