Bird at night on my record player.

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Terresa a dit…

You still have a record player?? and it works?

A Thousand Clapping Hands a dit…

I so appreciate the words and photographs you send out into the world. I don't often comment, but I am always here...enthralled. Merci, Valery.

D.Balla a dit…


Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Yes Terresa ! and it works of course, it is not for decoration !
I have no idea about the fact that this bird landed here...

Thank you very much Catherine
I'm glad and I appreciate a lot that sometimes the silent witnesses like you, appear, and leave few words.
(I take this as a privilege). You are welcome.

Merci !

kristina - no penny for them a dit…

that's amazing! did he wake you up, scratching around on his little feet?

p.s.: thank you so much for your comment - that really makes perfect sense! (your diagnosis was spot-on...)

can i ask you one more thing? in conditions like that (i'm referring to the big hall at the museum), it would probably be good to use a 400 iso or even higher and a tripod, right? but what about the grain? i don't want to use flash.

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…


Ps: You are welcome !
In a similar condition, and if you prefer an image more clear... that's better to use a tripod.
You can also use a 400 iso (grain is nice when you work with a good labo).
But I repeat, it only depends on what you would like to express.
Don't forget to focus your heart, first (Jan Saudek lesson) !
Other questions ?

V.L consulting :-))

kristina - no penny for them a dit…

ah, thank you very much indeed, v.l. consulting! ;)

it's so true that it really depends on what you want to express. i also think, sometimes technical 'accidents' can be very beautiful and much more interesting than a technically 'correct' photograph. but it's good to understand what settings/materials etc. will cause which effect. in any case: very fascinating!

i'll come back with more questions, if and when they come up... :)