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Beyond any doubt this is being, not merely "becoming," one of your most eloquent initiations of a theme, and I take the precaution of commenting early in a launch I have seen already extended, to avoid any disturbance of an elaboration which I think is cautioning readers to the most respectful silence.

The constructions, to no one's surprise, are so elegant as to furnish the sweetest relaxation of the pressure the images project; and truly these devices, suggestively in conversation or other co-ordination, would satisfy anyone to present so well to the advantage of their articulateness.

At the same time, as in this complex example (where we would not know, the plinths or feet, appear to shift, from an initial single footing), a figurative inference is strongly tempting.

But on first impression the rejection of interpretation takes precedence, as in suspense by definition, I think, over shibui effects which would be only natural to recall. Otherwise there would be less exuberance in coming upon these images, and none of the gratefulness, verging on passion, that they release. It's a pity there isn't more pride visible in this frame; it would make it easier to leave it. I love it.