If " you're searching for the places where the memories flows "...

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Terresa W. a dit…


Bruce Barone a dit…

STUNNING image!!!

And Thank You so much for your card!

It means much to me.


Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Last Thursday morning (the 12th), as if I had an appointment with ghosts.
You're right, Terresa.

Stunning comment Bruce !

Laurent a dit…

Agree Bruce 50 percent (cardlessly uncomplaining). The figure in depth in this frame is important for me in preserving what my eye wants to see from the first frame; and he is even more elegantly positioned. Moreover, the tap-tap of the nailed paws and the hiss of the bicycle tyres are quite musical, with or without the flap of wings. I am charmed by what this means for the contribution of pavement, seldom considered. It's gorgeous, but it has its sounds, and only now will I consult the supergoddy sexy link.

Dear Valéry, I have never seen a page which required less the intervention of other music; but I certainly do know the inspiration to address one construct with another. :) It is a pretty yearning.

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

That's it, Laurent, there was music.
You know how the echoes of other songs, is important here.
And I do not think it will tarnish the source, for the simple reason that in a short time, this link will disappear with this song because of changes in the diffuser, so it's just a breeze song.
Anyway, I like to get some images to a context and this would make a difference with a site dedicated only to my photographs.
(I hope you understand me).
About the mail, I am surprised as much as you and waiting for something to happen.
Let's see...

Thank you very much

Towanda a dit…

J'adore! Bien plus que ça, même!

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Merci !
et Bienvenue !