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catherine a dit…

Superbe. Merci.

Laurent a dit…

If I'm not being deceived by my monitor as my fingertips scan the image field left to right, I have a very subtle interruption in texture in a remarkably constant grey scale, with the wall seeming rather to assimilate the tree in a kind of inset trough. I find this very, very elegant and impressive. The embedding of the tree in the snow, then, is essentially all that marks this tableau as 3-dimensional, with the upper gray field and the lower white field meeting in the same plane, as evocatively and friably as in a Rothko. I cannot ignore how very moving and beautiful this is.

Grateful to see it.

sredonlevigne a dit…

adore, c'est beau , ça semble simple, mais c'est parfait

RiTA Fazakas - bodrita a dit…

Simple but grea! Love it!

Catherine Ternaux a dit…

d'une délicatesse désarmante

Elisabethbaysset a dit…

Bravo , j'ai eu un moment a comprendre , et j'ai aimé !
EB .

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Catherine Willis
Merci à vous également !

I'm surprised such a passion for this image. Photographers do not realize what they are doing! (even if it's not fashionable to say that because it doesn't sound "professional").
Rothko was a painter, I reminds you ! And although I like Rothko, I would have preferred that you refer to Rotko (without H) for example ...
It would have been easier, for me, to find real resemblance, at least, by removing some details.
Nevertheless, I am glad that this photograph produce such an emotion like this with you.

Sébastien Redon Lévigne
Ahh perfection et simplicité, grande question !

Rita Fazakas
Do you know Sébastien, the one who left a comment just above yours ? ;-)
Thank you

Catherine Ternaux
C'est ce qu'un matin m'a proposé, j'étais effectivement désarmé. Mon Rollei, lui, ne l'était pas.

Elisabeth Baysset
Je vous envie d'avoir compris cette photographie, je n'ai fait que sentir cette chose...
(ah si, je lui ai parlé)

Merci à vous tous.

Laurent a dit…

I can only reiterate, VL, that the textures of the gray scale and their elegantly freehand division from the white, together with the shadings in the white, are very painterly and evoke Rothko work I've seen. The vertical element, ignoring the branching above, is an eloquent intervention. I hesitate to admire it more because we know how inconvenient that can be! But I compliment you on this outstanding picture.

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Of course you can reiterate !
You know, I find your views interesting, not for comparison with Rothko but because it confirms what I always thought. What interests me most, it's not photography.
Please consider that the presence of this branch is as necessary as arms that tends to send a warm and friendly hello.
Or a nice place for a bird...