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2017, Let's see. All the best for you !


Georges Tourdjman

(Georges Tourdjman, double portrait, calotype 1992)

Photographed during a workshop at the ETPA.



CY TWOMBLY at Pompidou

For those who have the opportunity to spend time in Paris, the Pompidou Center presents a splendid retrospective of Cy Twombly.
(The only discordant factor is the presentation of his sculptures.Too piled, they pass in the background of his work and the exceptional view on the roofs of Paris.). Well...
Whatever the art of Cy Twombly is breathtaking.

Désormais ------------------


Back to black.


Jack Jones - "Le bikini" 18th of november 2016.

Jack Jones from the band Trampolene also plays the guitar on stage with Pete Doherty.
In the opening of Pete Doherty's concert, he intercalated his songs by some poems.
It was rare, unexpected, and funny. (He has something to do with that business)

Breakfast : Theory of relativity
Copain : celui qui partage le pain.



I don't care if you are not there, I will find you everywhere.

KEVIN MORBY - If you leave and if you marry

Kevin Morby is silent when he does not sing.
Live at Le Connexion in Toulouse, 9th of June 2015.
On bass and guitar : Meg Duffy
On Drum : Justin Sullivan.

All my gratitude and thanks to Amber for making me discover this singer.

To the privilege of your 91 years, Mr Robert Frank !
Happy birthday !
Hold still

L 70 Ballade in the brother's garden.

"...en fait nous oublions ce qui nous est invisible.
 Nous tenons pour inexistant ce qui ne se voit point."

 Eloge de l'ombre - Junichirô Tanizaki


Last Friday the 21st of October 2016 at 1 o'clock pm, absolutly by chance, I've met the American screenwriter, director, actor and musician, Abel Ferrara, walking in a street of  NewYork Toulouse.
My camera (analogic and organic) was so close to me that we have decided, together, to take few portraits.

The first picture : Ferrara is shooting your humble servant
The second picture : Ferrara is looking at the portrait he took of your humble servant. 
The third picture : As you can see, he's bending his head.
The fourth picture : He simply ask me to play the role of a director in mimic him what I wanted.

This man has the talent to get people in his pocket !
Thank you very much Sir

----------- L'Amour passe


So lovely...

"Parfois le dimanche..."

1/09/13 Acrylic on paper

Where is Charly ?

From left to right :
Charles Ash (Voice, guitar), Louisa (keyboard, drum), Me (bass) and Guillaume (guitar).

Sunday 2nd of October 2016 - Courtyard of the Institut of Arts of Toulouse - During the well-named "Printemps de septembre".

The first concert of Charles Ash, the opportunity to lend a hand to him. (Here is a sunday that I really like !).

Ok computer ! Thank you Sir Charles !

                                                            (Photography © Léa Darroussat)

wait wait wait

La cité radieuse.
Le Corbusier, Marseille.

------- Table rase

One more time with Nick Cave

More images here
About one more time with feeling.

---------- Les yeux dans le vide

A new song inspired by " La buveuse d'absinthe ", Pablo Picasso, Autumn 1901.

----------- La chambre d'écho

---------------Comme on respire

Most of the video animation has been filmed in stop motion.
(It takes time to manipulate images but it's a very funny experience and it has something to do with photography.)

10/08/16 Chair / oil on canvas 38x46 cm


----------------------------- Planche contact

"Time reveals everything".

-----------Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me

This is not exactly a cover, "The Smiths are The Smiths " so...
The original song is from the fourth and final studio album : "Strangeways here we come", released on september 1987. (" This story is old, I know, but it goes on")
If only this interpretation make someone listen the version of The Smiths, I would be enchanted.
Thank you very very much to Charles Ash  (portrait below) for adding his lace guitar. (We spent together a very good time). 

Many thanks also to Alain Delage.

"Les liens qui nous rattachent aux choses sont plus étroits et mystérieux qu'on ne le croit. Etrangement, plus nous sommes heureux, plus nos rapports avec autrui sont faciles. Et plus cela va mal, plus nous souffrons, plus s'approfondit notre communion avec les choses.
A certains moments, nous sommes entourés d'objets qui prennent brusquement un visage, qui se mettent à bouger, avec une expression, une signification et une dimension jusqu'alors ignorées.
La douleur nous enferme dans une cage étroite, étouffante, sans porte ni fenêtre, sans aucune issue, où l'air se raréfie. Les êtres passent à côté de nous, muets et aveugles; mais tout à coup un toit, une voiture, un lambeau de ciel enfoncent toutes grandes les murailles de notre douleur, les battants d'un invisible portail s'écartent, nous sommes sauvés et nous respirons. "

(Milena Jesenskà - Vivre )


------------------------------------------------ La vie qui avance

Moods of a blackbird who plays the drums


---------------------------------------------------------------------Va va

                                                                                                       (©Johanna Tilche)

Thank you so much Johanna for your Help, and Energy. You're a true will o the wisp !

I go now.

-----------------------------------------------------Sommeil paradoxal


Cello, guitars, bass, drums, synthesizers, lyrics, video, voice Hum Hum...



Castille, rivière


Castille, ficelle


Castille, la Mata


Castille, Colline de gypse.


Peter Greenaway - 10 mars 2015, Librairie Ombres Blanches, Toulouse.

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