Last Friday the 21st of October 2016 at 1 o'clock pm, absolutly by chance, I've met the American screenwriter, director, actor and musician, Abel Ferrara, walking in a street of  NewYork Toulouse.
My camera (analogic and organic) was so close to me that we have decided, together, to take few portraits.

The first picture : Ferrara is shooting your humble servant
The second picture : Ferrara is looking at the portrait he took of your humble servant. 
The third picture : As you can see, he's bending his head.
The fourth picture : He simply ask me to play the role of a director in mimic him what I wanted.

This man has the talent to get people in his pocket !
Thank you very much Sir

3 commentaires:

persona non gratta a dit…

belle rencontre

Cat a dit…

Quel est ton secret, Valéry, pour te trouver le 21 octobre 2016 à 13heures sur le chemin d'Abel Ferrara et finir dans sa poche? La chance, dis-tu?
(Quand je pense qu'il m'a fallu suivre le vol d'un Canard migrateur pour seulement arriver à te croiser!)
Les quatre portraits sont magnifiques.
la chance... pas que!
It's a kind of magic!

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…