One month ago, this beautifull letter arrived in my mailbox.
It is signed by Beth from By Land By Air By Sea. Now it makes part of my jewels.
(Everything Beth touches turns to gold).
You know Beth, words don’t come easy to me ... but I will remember of what you wrote : THERE WAS NEVER A MOMENT LIKE THAT MOMENT.

Ps : I didn’t reply you but "slow mail is better than no mail" !
(This man hanged to Katharine Hepburn (a ghost) stamps, that's me.)

5 commentaires:

by land by air by sea a dit…

ohhh valery,

it is late at night here in california, and i have just checked your site before bed
to find this-
so kind of you...

and yes, it is true, "your name sounds like poetry."

Elisabethbaysset a dit…

Magnifique !

victoria thorne a dit…

yes, wonderful; smiling ear to ear

Bridget a dit…

Quelle chance de recevoir un tel trésor!

Terresa a dit…

Enjoyable portraits of personal correspondence, snail mail is slowly becoming a lost art...