Voici un livre de Robert Frank (un des 3 pieds du tabouret sur lequel je pose mon appareil photo).
Son titre : THANK YOU.
Il est signé ROBERT FRANK publié par les éditions SCALO, mais il ne contient aucune de ses photographies et ce n’est pas vraiment paradoxal.
C’est le symbole d’une marque d’amitié aux personnes qui ont soutenu, encouragé, aidé et aimé ce photographe en lui envoyant des images, des cartes postales, et qui ont été édités.
Un livre modeste par sa taille, unique, merveilleusement bien imprimé et très émouvant.
Bien sûr il y a « les Américains », «  The lines of my hand », « Moving out », « Come again » « Hold still ………. Keep on going »…  Tous ses livres sont somptueux mais celui-ci méritait d’exister.

.......Robert Frank........MERCI ...

Here is a book of Robert Frank (one of the three legs of the stool on which i put my camera).
The title : THANK YOU.
It is signed by Robert Frank, published by SCALO, but there is no photograph of Robert Frank inside, and it is not really paradoxical.
It is the mark of friendship to the people who supported, encouraged, helped and loved him in sending to him images, postcards, and which has been published.
A modest book, unique, beautifully printed and very moving.
Of course  there are « The Americans », « The lines of my hand », « Moving out », « Come again » « Hold still ………. Keep on going »… All of them are sumptuous but this one deserved to exist.

.........Robert Frank..........THANK YOU...

© 1996 for texts and photographs: the authors
© 1996 for the cover image : Robert Frank
© 1996 for this edition : Scalo Zurich - Berlin - New York.
ISBN 3-931141-27-6

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nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier a dit…

wow thank you for this link, it must be super

by land by air by sea a dit…

oh something so very close to my heart valery...


Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Dear Laura
It is Super,thank you for your enthousiasm !

Envelope + Address + Stamps + Friendship = BETH

Bruce Barone a dit…

This is great! Thanks for sharing!!!

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Pleasure is all mine Bruce and you are welcome.

victoria thorne a dit…

This is so excellent, all the way through. (And starts off my Christmas list. Because I need. More. Books.)

That you speak of the mark of friendship: what could be better than that?

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Dear Vicki
You know that Robert Frank is a synonym of Frienship ?
Friendly yours

kristina - no penny for them a dit…

i didn't know this book - so thanks for sharing! really, we should be saying thank you so much more often, shouldn't we...

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

It depends on the situation Kristina, now, I agree with you. Some people must be thanked, you make part of them.

Carla a dit…

HI Valery, what a lovely book. I am addicted to books like this. so full of life.. Carla