JEFF BUCKLEY- Dreams live in the throat

Dear readers

Here is a modest four hands drawing (Jeff Buckley and me) that was made backstage, after his concert in Toulouse in 1995.
I had the oportunity to be invited by a friend who worked for Jeff Buckley record compagny but there was no possibility to do photographs or interview.
So I have decided to try to draw him.
I began to use Tipp-ex (you know that special white ink that erase) and a pen.
The drawing was uncomplete and Jeff Buckley hasn't a face so naturally I handed to him the drawing and the pen.
He accepted to finish it and drew the skull, a heart, wrote "Dreams live in the throat then signed it.

To thank him, I very modestly offered him this portrait of a nun.
This is a true story...

3 commentaires:

Laurent a dit…

I'm quite slow, so I had to read this 3 times before I was convinced that you were not saying the portrait you offered was modest. The quality of the picture defies that characterisation (whether you happen to agree or not). The story is very sweet and one doesn't wish to step on the underlying memory. Nor do I wish to draw a conflict between the personal and the universal; but, VL. This is a fine, an extravagant photograph.

Bruce Barone a dit…

.......and it is a beautiful story.......

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Dear "Laurent"
How not to be modest in front of an Angel ?
Did you try this experience ? When you drive a car in the night, alone, and after a long silence you pronounce one word...
You wonder if you dreamed or said this word.
Like an image which needs to be revealed.
It was exactly like this.
Thank you for the importance that you grant to the details !

Dear Bruce
Beautiful, it was for me to live this unique moment.
As my very good friend Alain D said to me, if you have the oportunity to meet the person that you like or love, go !!
Thank you for you comment !