God knows how much I love this bird...

(Seagull on the promenade, Deauville 3rd of January 2011.)

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Laurent a dit…

And if He has His wits about Him at all, He envies you.

It will strike some readers as a bookend for Ivan's fortunate capture of the bird's rear in repose. Naturally, the pictures stand quite by themselves, and this is so "Valéry," it is thrilling to see you begin your year this way.

I also admire very much your retention of the two heavily trousered feet at the apex.

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Dear Laurent
I'm always glad to read you. Your eye is sure.
I tell you now something that you can fell because, remember, as you you said, "that is a picture made by someone who can't see what he is doing..."
I was like an animal walking behind the seagull, a sort of hunter.
I had no mind, no brain, just a skin, a nose, a heart, two legs and a camera.
I had no past, no present, no future.
I was so quiet, so very quiet with myself.
Like someone in love.
I followed the lines walking in the footsteps of this tightrope walker surrounded by columns.
You understand this because you take pictures with a M6 and you know the feeling to have this kind of image sleeping inside the 36 poses black and white film (Tri X pan).
Can I consider this as an epiphany ? Yes.
For me it is.
Thank you very much gentleman !
(Please send me your adress).

Elisabethbaysset a dit…

Je peux imaginer a partir de cet oiseau, l' image d'une femme qui se promène consciente de sa grâce ,
Vous êtes avec l'aide de Dieu , un magicien !
Les gammes de couleurs sont un jeu d'enfant pour vous...

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Chère Elisabeth
C'est drôle ce que vous dites de cette mouette, parce que de temps en temps tout en marchant, elle se retournait et me regardait avec dédain !
Elle marchait le bec très haut ! Nous avons beaucoup ri !!
Magicien, magicien... je rougis et pfuit...je disparais

Shaista a dit…

And you have made this bird entirely lovable to us, we who walk painstakingly behind him, quietly, so as not to disturb...

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Dear Shaista
Thank you!
I wanted to CATCH him like a dog behind a cat.
You are Welcome !