Few months ago, I bought in an auction site, a vintage print of Geoffrey Clements . It represents Saul Steinberg desk.
I like very much the way that Steinberg plays in staging his painted desk with all the elements for creation.
I love his sense of humour and his inventiveness. In each Steinberg illustration, there's a discovery.
(He was a sort of "genius" of the line.)
Behind this image, all the indications for the publication.

(Saul Steinberg by Henri Cartier-Bresson)
(Saul Steinberg by Irving Penn)

All the drawings-------------> Saul Steinberg  except......... my red shoe  !

     Saul Steinberg on artsy

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Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow a dit…

This post is a beautiful tribute to Steinberg and to the way he could use a few spare lines to always bring a smile to one's eyes.

Laurent a dit…

You know, certainly, that a New Yorker cover of his is the most famous and widely possessed map of the United States. Undoubtedly, it is mounted on the wall of every Intelligence Service in the world, save the one which needs it most, in Virginia. But I stray. I'm happy for you to have won the bid for the desk picture, which is gloriously methodical but also expectant.

I hope you will laugh, it resembles one's dog grooming table - implements logically ordered in readiness, for a subject known to be blithely out of control. We have had cause to marvel at your gift for the latter circumstance, without under-estimating your gift for the extended, composed perception (as, in the Fleuve entries). You should certainly have this picture.

As for the intervention of the shoe: comment Valéry!

alexandria a dit…

I'm completely fascinated by his work and I love the print you own!

p.s. The converse are cool!

Olga a dit…

Amazing post. I always admired Saul Steinberg. Thank you for sharing.

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Dear Lorenzo
Thank you very much, I wanted to share his amazing vision of life.
Steinberg has a deadpan sense of humour...

Dear Laurent
The shoes is a kind of red contrepoint with the New Yorker and a symbol or a kick !
Don't you think that the image without the shoes would have been a bit boring ?

Hi Alexandria, you are cool too !

Dear Olga, thank you !
I'm not sharing, that's my vocation, I heard a voice that told me to talk about him !!!
"Valéry ! You must show to people how Steinberg (and Picasso too) has changed the world with his drawings !!!!"
I felt like Joan of Arc !


J'ai reçu ma lettre, et je suis aux anges. Merci Valery pour ce tirage-manifeste, sans parler de l'illustration de l'enveloppe... (soupir d'aise...)

Bravo pour cet achat. Vraiment tres tres bien...

Mon blog traverse une crise d'adolescence, il fait meme des fugues...

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Cher Ivan
Je suis RAVI, RAVI que vous l'ayez reçu et qu'elle vous plaise (je me suis bien amusé !)
Une crise d'adolescence ? ! Des fugues ?! J'espère que c'est pour mieux retomber en enfance comme vous savez si bien le faire !
Je suis allé voir ailleurs si vous y étiez et oui vous y étiez !

by land by air by sea a dit…

Well, you know how I feel about him, and you ...