Jarvis Cocker dédication

A dedication of Jarvis Cocker of Pulp, yesterday night, after the show, 15 years after our first meeting !

(Thank you Cathy, Hervé, Sully, Nick, Candida and Jarvis of course)
(Oh my head !)

What ? is ? this ? feeling called love ?

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kristina - no penny for them a dit…

that is indeed pretty cool.

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

There are meetings which are determining. 15 years ago,it was the case with Pulp. Their kindness their availability etc....
So I needed to meet them again.
Before yesterday, the concert was really successful. Jarvis and his team stay people of a rare kindness and besides they are funny ! (And I love Jarvis glasses (Cutler and Gross)).
So Kristina you are pretty cool too !

kristina - no penny for them a dit…


happy weekend!

by land by air by sea a dit…

oh my

one of my heroes in london many moons ago...
and we all knew that cutler and gross were it !
how lovely for you...the continuity.
and for me

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Furthermore a thing that gathers us !
I am delighted !
Jarvis for president, it would be great, don't you think ?!

Thank you so much, Beth.

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

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