The end of summer by Beth

Despite all the change of seasons, Beth sends mail.
I received this letter in the month of August 2011 but it resonates today.
Beth, I love indigo.

In following you, I look forward.

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by land by air by sea a dit…

dear valery,

the post is our last hope
for reaching others
in a different way
by land
by air
or by sea
it is singular in what it expresses.
i loved your little honoring yesterday...
un abrazo muy fuerte

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Post accompanies a certain philosophy of life.
We share this.
Bisous B

YHBHS a dit…

i love this dialogue of mail art. it's magical on so many levels......

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

When I wake up and I look at this, yes it is magic! David !