Goude to see

Some photographs taken during the exhibition of Jean-Paul Goude at « Les Arts Décoratifs ».
(Except, of course, the Eiffel Tower, but to place the action...).

As you can see, the register of emotions is as wide as the variety of the unbridled talents of Jean-Paul Goude.
To those who have the opportunity to visit this exhibition in Paris, I would highly recommend it.
To others, I advise them to wait for it to come to them, why not ?! 

To extend the pleasure at « Les Arts Decoratifs », you can also lose yourself in the gallery Jean Dubuffet (I will name it, the Gallery of the Keeper of the paintings of Jean Dubuffet because we were two, if I count the guardian of the room ! What a treat!).
Finally, you will also need your two eyes opened, to take the glass elevator and return to the rooms devoted to exhibitions of Stefan Sagmeister and Hussein Chalayan

A beautiful morning ahead, for you... 

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Anonyme a dit…

Mister Lorenzo. To make a sign, you, when is in Paris City of Light. Love the JPGoude post, btw.

persona non gratta a dit…

Un précurseur!!!
Il ne faut pas raté cette EXPO!

this is Belgium a dit…


Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Thank you Arturo and welcome. Kisses ?
All right kisses !

Comme dirait mon très bon Ami Alain "quand je bricole, je rigole" !
Précurseur, ok, après Picasso alors, parce qu'en matière de touche à tout...
Merci pour votre enthousiasme communicatif !!

Thank you very much Anni for this too !

Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School a dit…

Fantastic photos, interesting compositions.

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Dear "Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School"
I must admit that the staging of the exhibition was very nice ​​so it was hard to make bad photographs ...
Jean-Paul Goude is a good designer, which makes him a good photographer.
The opposite is not often valid. :-)
Thank you !

Alain Delage a dit…

Yep !
Du bricolage comme cela, j'en veux tous les jours pour mon quatre heures ...

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

C'est nourrissant, tout à fait de ton avis !