The designer Ron Arad at the Mido in Milan, in march 2012.
He is the instigator of a bold and exciting project, a new set of eyewear.

Ron Arad, everything is contained in his hat.

3 commentaires:

Laurent a dit…

You certainly capture the "instigator" in him -- and what an organic choice of words.

Anonyme a dit…

His object designs are most interesting. I see a bit of his stuff here in Chicago, and thought I heard him speak once here but he doesn't look like the man I'm thinking of. Oh well.

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Thank you Laurent
It is a portrait but not too much "design ". For me it approaches of a "Trombinoscope".

There something very "enthousiasming" "Joseph the Butler", in this person.
Have you ever seen his amazing bicycle ?
The least we can say is that he dares, and in these times a little chilly, it's a good thing.