(Brushes of Gustave Courbet, 24 janvier 2013)

I come back now, from a trip to the Jura (Telluric) and more specifically from the capital of French eyewear. (This subject concerns me 5 days a week, sometimes more).
Jura is also a place dear to the heart of the painter Gustave Courbet. I remember one of his paintings in a museum in Lodève representing a figure carrying a bundle of wood in a snowy landscape of the Jura. This painting still infuses its climates in the landscape. Would this area imitate a painting of Courbet?

The light was strong, and cold was a sort of stimulation especially in the uplands.
Now at home I open my mailbox and I find treasures, but this is another story...

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Laurent a dit…

It is also THE place for the vin jaune, and A place for exceptionally elegant sparkling wines, a vital and thrilling terroir. I find it natural that you should venture there. Thank you for your Courbet, it has the look of your having seen it.

LOU a dit…

Le Jura, dans le coeur de mes souvenirs d'enfant. Lodève, j'adore son musée. J'avais fait la promesse d'y retourner en 2012... mais n'ai pu la tenir. Alors je fais le même voeu "pieux" d'y retourner cette année, en suivant la vallée du Tarn...

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Dear Laurent

I met a St. Bernard equipped with vin jaune but I must admit that people in the Jura consumes only moderately things they produce.
I would advise them to be a little bit more excessive.
And also to not forget the excesses of Courbet.
Thank you very much for this comment highly appreciated !

Chère Lou
C'est un beau beau voyage si vous suivez la vallée du Tarn mais il faut avoir quelques raisons d'aller à Lodève.
Merci Lou