Rauschenberg the Talking head

This record " Speaking in Tongues " (1983) is the result of a narrow collaboration between the Artist Robert Rauschenberg and the group The Talking heads.

It consists of a colored transparent Vinyl and independent and mobile celluloids with images printed in yellow, magenta and cyan, as printer's primary charter.
This Rauschenberg's work is not an illustration added simply to the disk, it makes of the disk a real work of art.

The Talking heads and Rauschenberg form, therefore, a  complementary whole.

(Robert Rauschenberg by Richard Avedon 1960)

(Robert Rauschenberg, untitled, 1966)

4 commentaires:

Terresa a dit…

As beautiful as it is intriguing! (I love love the Talking Heads!) Thank you for sharing this artful post.

Olga a dit…

I always thought that Rauschenberg was very genteel.

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Thank you Terresa
I love the Talking heads and their association with Rauschenberg.
So when I put the disk on the :


Believe me, it's magic !
Rauschenberg Art makes music !

Dear Olga
Genteel and persistent too, in my opinion.
Sometimes, I see his inheritance everywhere.
In the street, the métro, the city...
An amazing work wich brooms or erases...

Thank you

Evelyne a dit…

Tina, un modèle de simplicité !
Tu es riche en collectors.
Bon week end.