To see what arrived to my dictionary,
cross this road with that of Terresa Wellborn.
(As Magritte would have been abble to say : "THIS IS NOT" a blog ).

In the middle of the road of your life, you awoke...

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kristina - no penny for them a dit…

there is so much peacefulness in this image!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier a dit…

how can you made somethings so beautifull????

I like it a lot

Ruth a dit…

Yes, I see Terresa's floating books in the "river" Rue Saint-Louis en I'lle.

And do these stones . . . float?

suzie a dit…

so very lovely

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Dear Kristina, Laura, Ruth, Suzie (and the last one, please let the door open !).
You know, I didn't do it deliberatly !
My feelings, just my feelings.

Terresa a dit…

Thank you for this beautiful post and compliment. :)

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Kristina, Laura, Ruth, Suzie and...
A detail ...
I began to take photographs, 25 years ago and spent most of my time in my black and white labo.
I've tried many things, did a lot of mistakes, worked, thought, dreamt, eaten photography, worked and worked (instead of playing football for example).
Digital didn't exist.
PQ universal 1+9 ...3minutes
Acide acétique....1 minutes
Hypam 1+9....1 minutes.
Washing my prints in the bathroom
Dried prints ....few hours....
So sometimes one day for few prints, 3 or 4 only.
This is photography.
Is it possible to compare Digital images with that ? I don't think so,
That is absolutly impossible !
Digital is too comfortable too easy to give you the feeling that you did photography but it's just a big lie.
My images are NOT digital images.
In photography, I mean, for black and white silver prints, you can't delete the mistakes. You work with...
This can make the diference.
This can be a reason why you find some of my images, nice... maybe...
So it's a passion, and it represents lot of work and lot of time.
And I love that.
And my feelings, just my feelings when the "CLIC CLAC"...
Can you imagine that it's possible to do a painting with oil but with a digital process ?
Without oil, without brush, without canvas, without térébenthine ? AHAHAHAHA

Thank you very much for your comments !

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

Dear Terresa
You are welcome, and it's evident for me.
I just share informations, and I really appreciate your "blog", I mean, who you are.
See you

Olga a dit…

I agree with you about digital photography and photography. That is why I have never called myself a photographer. I am a person with a digital camera. I have mentioned it several times in the beginning of my blog. Than I stopped doing this with obvious reason. Everyone should choose for himself what he calls photography and why.

Valéry Lorenzo a dit…

I agree with your point of view, Olga.
And have respect for people who take images with digital cameras.
You probably know that the person who possesses one of the most famous "sketchbook" of the art history, the Codex Leicester of Leonardo Da Vinci is the inventor of the virtual world, Bill Gates...