PULP - Wardrobe and Bookmark

"I never said I was deep
I may have this phrase inscribed on my tombstone."
 (Jarvis Cocker).

An excerpt from the latest Jarvis Cocker's book, a collection of his lyrics.
Found in the wardrobe of the greatest fan of Jarvis Cocker, in France,  Cathy.
This rare copy which is limited to the number of 105,  has been signed by the same hand that hold the microphone to amplify the sweet words of the singer.

For us, the beggars, another version is available, if we ask to our favorite bookseller.
And if you still thirst for Jarvis words, you can also listen to the BBC radio, here.

Have a nice week-end !

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alexandria a dit…

Wonderful shots. I hope you are having a happy December.